Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cutting, Texturing, and Riveting Sheet Metal

Well, I had fun yesterday! I took a class and learned how to cut and work with sheets of metal to which we added texture and riveted embellishments. The only problem I had with the project was not having a plan. My mind draws a total blank when it comes to free-form. Ugh.... I hate that! I couldn't decide what I wanted to make, but I finally settled on earrings and a pendant. Our terrific instructor (a retired Art teacher) had many beautiful examples of these textured and riveted metals that she used to create pendants, earrings, and bracelets. She also had every tool under the sun available for us to use, to encourage our creativity to soar. Her instructional handout was UN-believable.... so detailed... color pictures... EXCELLENT! Loved her! Our kits contained 3 sheets of 3" square metal.... one copper, one nickel silver, and one brass, as well as assorted sizes and colors of rivets and small screws and washers. Who knew riveting was so simple?! You just need a plan!! =) After adding various textures to my metals, I placed all of the sheets in the liver of sulfur solution at the same time. The nickel silver seemed to absorb the brass color almost instantly, and although I used steel wool to shine the nickel silver after the patina, it didn't remove the yellow tone. So, here is what I ended up with after playing around for a few hours. I'm not all that wild about these, but the lesson was great. I'm still deciding whether or not to add the little charms pictured here? I'm not even sure if I will ever wear these, so I don't even know if I want to finish them. In any event... I just thought I'd post and share. =)


  1. Hello,
    Found this photograph of your earrings as I was doing a search trying to find metal sheet texturing hammers. The large round disc on these earrings has the exact design I was looking for. Could you tell me the instructors name or how to contact her so I can purchase the hammer used to create that design. I presume it was done with a texture hammer. I would love to take the class. Thanks so much.

  2. Hi there! Well, isn't that interesting how you found my blog and photo?! The instructor I had for this class is named Sue Quinque. She is FABULOUS and she has every tool under the sun! I'm going to guess that I used a Fretz texturing hammer on those brass pieces, but I'm not sure. You can try to contact Sue at either one of these two bead shops where she teaches:

    Good luck!