Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Art Deco Hurricane Bracelet

Haven't had any time to blog this year, and haven't had the opportunity to do much bead and wire work this year either, but did finally manage to take a workshop this past Sunday at the Innovative Beads Expo in Doylestown, that I really enjoyed. The class was taught by Marti Brown, a wonderful and quite imaginative wire artist. I made this great bracelet using a variety of techniques that included cutting metal sheet, texturing, drilling, riveting, forming, and wire-wrapping. I'm really pleased with the project and I'm likely to wear this bracelet often.


  1. OOOO that is gorgeous hun. Great job. x

  2. Thank you, Jo! It was fun to make, though it sure was a lot of work! ;-)

  3. I bet, I have just started playing around with wirework...getting myself tied in knots with it at the moment tho. LOL